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About Cargo Air Lines

Company Profile

Ever since it was founded in 1976, C.A.L. Cargo Airlines has proven, year after year, that air shipment is feasible and worthwhile, providing ...

LACHS Profile

The Liege air cargo handling service, also known as LACHS, was established in 1996 as an airfreight ...

C.A.L. in Europe - Stations & Offices

We have air cargo stations and offices throught the European continent. 

C.A.L. in Asia - Stations & Offices

C.A.L. operaes air cargo stations & offices throughout the Asian continent. Our air cargo solutions cover China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand & Japan.

C.A.L. in USA - Stations & Offices

C.A.L. operates a major American air cargo station in New York. We also have offices working around the clock in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinoid & ...

C.A.L. Business Partners

The following is a partial list of the companies, suppliers, exporters and cargo forwarders that C.A.L works with. 

Bio-Bee ...

C.A.L with iDetect4ALL

CAL is participating in the 7th framework program of the European Union, taking part in the development of new security technology ...

Cal Cargo Air lines
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