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About Cargo Air Lines

LACHS Profile

The Liege air cargo handling service, also known as LACHS, was established in 1996 as an airfreight terminal which provides high quality ramp and cargo handling services to a variety of airlines carrying agricultural produce and general cargo. 
LACHS is open 365 days a year and offers 24-hour service.

founded in 1976, is the owner of LACHS and its main client. C.A.L. carries approximately 100,000 tons of cargo annually, exporting from Israel fresh agricultural produce and industrial materials, and importing heavy machinery, automobiles, sensitive and sophisticated industrial equipment, livestock and hazardous materials from all over the world.


LACHS is located in the heart of Western Europe, at Belgium’s Liege Bierset Airport . This strategic location enables LACHS’s customers to take advantage of the ideal motorway and railway network that connects all of Europe’s major cities.

State-of-the-Art Logistics Center:  

  • Modern offices and warehouse facilities.
  • Automated cold storage facilities.
  • Ramp handling equipment for all types of aircrafts.
  • Modern, sophisticated stackers.
  • Distribution center (to any European destination ).
  • Professionally trained staff. 

Ramp Handling: 

Loading and unloading of all types of aircrafts.
The cargo unloading time at LACHS is significantly shorter than at most large airports in Europe, allowing our clients to enjoy prompt and efficient service.

Cargo Handling:  

  • Full range of services, including documentation, customs, cold storage, phytosanitary control, build-up, storage, tie-down and more.
  • LACHS’s trained professionals build up shipments on ULD’s with maximum efficiency and optimal balance of volume and weight.

Land Transportation: 

  • A fleet of refrigerated trucks and general cargo trucking transportation services.
  • Competitive rates for full trucks and groupage from Liege to a range of European destinations (and vice-versa).

 Fully Computerized Network:  

  • On-line connection between LACHS and C.A.L.networks throughout Europe .
  • All LACHS’s clients can enjoy the added benefit of connecting to this network

 Contact information: 

LACHS Liege Air Cargo Handling Services S.A.

            Liege Airport , Hall Fret 2


Managment Tel:   + 32-42347371
Fax:   + 32-42344530

OperationsTel:   + 32-42347367, 76, 96
Fax:   + 32-42340080

For more information about LACHS contact CAL - Cargo Air Lines                 




















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