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About Cargo Air Lines

Company Profile

Ever since it was founded in 1976, C.A.L. Cargo Airlines has proven, year after year, that air shipment is feasible and worthwhile, providing top-quality professional air cargo services worldwide. Cal is privately owned Company.

C.A.L. carries approximatly 100,000 tons of cargo annually, exporting from Israel fresh agricultural produce and industrial materials, and importing heavy machinery, automobiles, sensitive and sophisticated industrial and scientific equipment, livestock and hazardous materials from all over the world.

is a proficiently organized and managed boutique air cargo company. Its established service infrastructure is tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements. 

’s reputation for prompt, efficient and innovative handling technologies of air cargo has secured the company’s leading position in
Israel ’s airfreight activities.

is a “One Stop Shop”, offering a vast range of services and ideal
cargo shipping solutions for both export and import, all in one place! C.A.L.‘s professionals individually accompany you every step of the way: from booking, through storage, shipment and land transport up to the arrival of your cargo at its destination. For more info, please contact us.

> Operations
C.A.L. owns and operates two widebody 747-200F aircrafts, each with an over 110 ton capacity, and with special nose and side loading cargo doors specifically designed to accommodate cargo of exceptionally large size and unusual shape.

> Scheduled Network

C.A.L.‘s weekly timetable is comprised of:
    ·        Seven weekly flights from Tel-Aviv to Liege
    ·        Three weekly transatlantic flights from Liege to New York .

The daily flights allow greater flexibility in the choice of the air cargo shipping date and time, insuring optimal accommodation of the individual needs of the client‘s schedule and the specific requirements of such sensitive cargo as perishables and livestock.

> The New European Logistics Center at Liege Airport

C.A.L. is the owner of LACHS (Liege Air Cargo Handling Services) – a modern and
sophisticated logistics center strategically located at Liege Airport, Belgium, the heart of Western Europe . LACHS enables
C.A.L. to offer its clients top quality services, such as ramp handling, customs clearance (24 hours a day), ULDS, build-up, documentation, storage (general and cold), distribution, and other added-value logistics services.

> Prompt Service

C.A.L. offers exceptionally fast service. Top professionals employees in the logistics center in Liege allows a significantly decrease of the handling and delivery time of each shipment. 

’s network of agents in over 20 major European cities enables the company to respond to each client’s unique requirements for documentation and handling of cargo by connecting various suppliers throughout Europe with the company’s terminal at Liege Airport.

has a longstanding relationship with experienced GSAs in the Far East , enabling expert service of air cargo shipping between the Far East and Tel Aviv.

C.A.L.’s GSA in the US operates a team of efficient sales representatives at JFK Airport in New York, and in five other major American cities, who offer air cargo services to all European destinations.

> Charters & Wet-Lease Operations

Worldwide Charters

C.A.L.’s professionalism and expertise allow it to operate reliable worldwide charter flights on short notice. The Company is involved in various charter operations, from livestock charters to special delivery of satellites to their launching location.

> Long Term Wet-Lease Operations

C.A.L. is involved in wet-lease operations. Among the Company’s clientele are world-leading airlines such as Lufthansa Cargo and Cargolux.
In this market, where reliability is the key word, C.A.L. is proving to be a most prompt and reliable operating air cargo company.

> Contact C.A.L. by email, fax or phone

There are many air cargo companies in our globe, but there is only one air cargo company as reliable as CAL.

Cal Cargo Air lines
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