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Terms of use

Welcome to the C.A.L. Cargo Air Lines Ltd. website.

Use of this site and the contents presented in this site are subject to the regulations for use of the site and other terms and conditions appearing on this site (hereinafter: "the Regulations"). It is clarified that CAL reserves its right to update the regulates, from time to time, at its exclusive discretion and without the need to provide any prior notice. In any case of a change to the terms and conditions of the regulations, such changes shall automatically apply to all site users.

Entry into the site and use of any part of the site constitutes your consent and your recognition to the terms and conditions in the regulations. If you do not agree to have the terms and conditions of these regulations apply to you, you are not entitled to make use of the site, or any part thereof.

The use of the masculine form is made for the sake of convenience only and the provisions of these regulations refer both to men and women.

Use of the Site:

This site and the information contained herein is intended only for advertising purposes, information and for the creating of an initial contact and is not intended to present the final conditions for the execution of transactions or of legal advice, it is intended solely for illustrative purposes and is not binding on CAL in any manner whatsoever, including in the matter of the terms and/or conditions of undertaking and/or availability of transactions. For the removal of doubt, it is clarified that in any place in this site where an order of air transportation can be made and/or in any place containing information and data which might be used as a basis for order of air transportation by CAL, such information and/or an order that will be made based on such information, will not be binding upon CAL to actually perform the air transportation, and/or to perform any transportation in accordance with the terms, prices, dates and schedules and all other information as noted in this site and/or to bind CAL for such information and data. CAL reserves its right, at any time and at its exclusive discretion, to alter the contents of the site and any part thereof and any such change shall apply to all site users, immediately upon the making of the change in the site.

Without derogating from the above said, you may not use the site, inter alia, for the following matters: (1) To use the site for distribution, marketing or advertising; (2) To disturb the use of others or of CAL on the site; (3) To make any use of the site which may constitute a breach of copyright or any other right of a third party or of CAL; (4) To make any use in contravention of any law, competent authority or judicial order; (5) To place links to this site without obtaining CAL’s prior written consent; (6) To make any use of the site which may harm, demean, slander and/or libel others or to damage their good name and reputation; (7) To make any order where the details of such order are not correct, fully or partially or to make any negligent order to make any sue of the site in such a manner so as to interfere or to interfere in any manner with the contents of the site, its components or any part thereof; (8) To make or to attempt to make any unauthorized use of the site.

CAL reserves its right, at its exclusive discretion and at any time to prevent or limit your use of the site, for any reason whatsoever, without the need to provide prior notice and without any liability applying to CAL towards you and towards any third party.

Protection of Privacy

Any information sent by you during your use of this site shall be kept by CAL subject to the conditions for the undertaking to maintain privacy attached hereto.

CAL may, from time to time, send you advertising information by e.mail – whether such is information it publishes itself or whether such is information it receives from other advertisers for distribution. Nevertheless, if you have registered to receive any of the services offered by the site, CAL will not deliver your personal details to advertisers, unless you have agreed to such explicitly during the course of the registration process.

CAL may make use of the of details provided on the site and of information gathered regarding user patterns on the site, for the improvement of the services it offers, to make contact with you, where needed, or for analysis purposes and for the providing of statistical data to third parties, including advertisers.

Should you be interested that no use is made of the information you have provided, as stated, you are asked to notify us immediately to the following e-mail address:

Links to Other Sites

This site may include links to other sites. CAL is not liable for the terms of use on other sites, for their contents and anything related to or arising from the use thereof. Your use of links to other sites or the use of the other sites is your sole responsibility.

Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights, of any kind and sort, whether regarding text, design, audio files, files, notices, software, messages, trademarks, data bases, software coding and any information of any kind and sort (hereinafter: "The Content"), the manner all content is chosen, gathered, arranged and presented on this site, the planning and design of the site, as a whole and each separate element thereof, are exclusively owned by CAL and/or anyone on its behalf and you are not permitted to make any use of this site which may be in breach and/or attempted breach of any of these rights. You may print out the contents of this site, or any part thereof, for your personal use only and not for commercial use, subject to you not being in breach or attempted breach of any of the rights in the Content of the site or any other such protected matter. Any other use is absolutely prohibited without the prior written consent of CAL. Content used in this site may have rights reserved by third parties. Any such use is subject to that stipulated in these Regulations and subject of the third party rights in any such content.

Without derogating from that stipulated above, it is hereby clarified that all pages on this web site are the exclusive property of CAL. The web pages are not to be duplicated or published, fully or partially, without the explicit prior written consent of CAL. The copyrights in the idea at the basis of the website, including the design of the site, the trademarks and any other action on the site which are unique and exclusive to the Company, shall be reserved by the Company. Moreover, no change, duplication, distribution, transmission, public presentation, copying, advertising is to be made of or to the site, nor is any part thereof to be delivered to any third party without obtaining CAL’s prior written consent.

If you are of the opinion that any contents of this site are in breach, in any manner, of your intellectual property rights, please contact us at the contact details appearing below, providing us with details of the breach you consider we have committed, your contact details and details regarding your said intellectual property rights as well as your declaration that everything stated in your notice is true and correct.

In these Regulations: "Contents" – including addresses, surveys, data, any product purchase transactions and/or services offered on the site or through the site, any know-how, analyses, contents, evaluations, in the text, pictures and/or sound, made available to the visitors to the site and at the various end user instruments through any media whatsoever, presently existent or existent in the future, whether owned by CAL or by a third party allowing the Company the right of use thereof.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances will CAL and/or any body connected to it, its employees and/or any one on its behalf, be liable in any manner whatsoever for any damage and/or loss and/or expense incurred by it and/or to any one on your behalf and/or in your stead, whether directly or indirectly in connection with and/or arising from use of the site. Furthermore, CAL and/or any one on its behalf, shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any transaction which cannot be executed.

CAL makes no undertaking that the site services will not be interrupted, that they will be given regularly and continuously, that they will be maintained safely and without error and that they will be immune from unauthorized entries into CAL’s computers or against damages, breakdowns, faults or any failure whatsoever in the hardware, software, communications and systems lines at CAL or any of its suppliers.

Use of the site and its contents is given As Is pursuant to CAL’s decisions, and there shall be no claims, suits or demands against CAL for the use properties, limitations or responses raised by advertising on the site and end user instruments. Therefore, use of the contents presented on the site and the end user instruments and in the site services, shall be done at your sole and full responsibility.

CAL wishes to make it clear that even though it makes the utmost effort to make sure that the information on the site is as current and accurate as possible, the site is not free of inaccuracies or errors. Use of this site is therefore at your sole responsibility.


By entering this site you undertake that you will indemnify CAL for any damage and/or expense incurred by it and/or by any one on its behalf, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of and/or due to and/or in connection with any use of yours of the site and/or any part thereof and/or its contents and/or for the breach of any law and/or the provisions of any competent authority which has been committed in connection with your use of the site, including damages and attorneys’ fees.

Jurisdiction and Venue

The laws of the State of Israel only will apply to these Regulations. The exclusive jurisdiction for all matters appertaining to this agreement and the use of the site is before the competent court in the area of Tel Aviv Jaffo.

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