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Air Cargo Glossary
For purposes of exemplification only, we are happy to introduce our internet site with an initial explanation of terms common in international air transportation. Please note that the terms hereunder and their description is for the purposes of initial explanation, they are not binding upon CAL, nor will they be deemed as a legal advise or full definition of the terms hereunder or could be used for any purpose. The terms and their explanation cannot and does not replace any legal consulting.

Terms from A to E

Air Waybill – AWB
An AWB is a bill of lading, a non-negotiable instrument of air cargo transport, covering both domestic and international flights for the transportation of goods to a specified destination. An executed AWB serves as an indication that the air cargo carrier has accepted the goods detailed in the AWB and undertook to carry the consignment to designated airport as detailed in the AWB.

A block space by airlines on behalf of forwarders / shippers.

Assembly Service
Forwarder’s service under which the air cargo forwarder assembles shipments from various parties and handle them as one shipment designated to one consignee.

Actual Time of Arrival, or Airport-To-Airport, or Air Transport Association of America.

Actual Time of Departure

Bonded Warehouse
A warehouse for storing of goods which their duties are delayed deferred until the goods enter the Customs Territory.

Break bulk
Disassembling of consolidated shipments, under one MAWB, for delivery or re-consignment of each shipment to specific consignee according to the relevant HAWB

Chargeable weight
The weight of the shipment which is used in determining airfreight charges. Chargeable Weight could be determined, inter alia, by gross weight of the shipment after deducting the tare weight of container, or by the dimensional weight

Charges Collect/Freight Collect/Charges Forward
AWB entered Transportation charge, to be collected from the consignee.

Collect on delivery
Service of air cargo carrier in which purchase prices of the goods are collected from the receiver at the time of delivery.

Putting together many consignments by air cargo forwarders, into one lot and then delivering it to carrier for forwarding, after each consignment will be shipped with one respective HAWB.

Dangerous goods
Commodities classified into 9 groups by the IATA according to its nature and characteristic in terms of the effect of its danger to carrier’s flying safety. Also known as hazardous materials, or HazMat (in short).

Declared value for carriage
The value of goods declared to the air cargo carrier by the shipper for the purposes of determining charges or of establishing the limit of the carrier’s liability for loss, damage, or delay.

Declared value for customs
The selling price of the contents of a shipment or the replacement cost, if the contents are not for resale. The amount must be equal to or greater than the declared value.

Wheeled equipment designated for moving containers and pallets to/from the aircraft

Refund of duties upon re-exportation of goods, which were paid upon their import.

Temporary refusal to accept traffic for transportation at certain points or in certain routes.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Estimated Time of Departure

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